July 27

In 2 days we go to the beach. Today I got all the kids clothes packed and most of mine (still doing some laundry) and Micah worked on his trailer…. Bc yes with 7 of us we are just gonna haul all our stuff in a trailer!!!! BAHAHAHA

Ericka packed herself but it was cute to have her come ask my opinion and want me to make sure of what she packed! The boys were packed yesterday and I made them show me. Ben was pretty good but Luciano only had 2 shirts…. Prob ok since he never had one on unless I tell him to… I helped the girls pack and we discovered Angelly only has 7 pairs of panties…. Ok so some are in that laundry…. Lol. And Anna’s swim suits are looking really ragged…. Hopefully we don’t have to but another….

We had reposo today which was cute bc Ben slept with our little “wild” kitten and she got away but I found her later so all is good! It’s so nice to have all the mice gone and frogs and everything! Shew!!!

Well when Micah got up to go to work we had a couple of melt downs… Angelly started crying…. I think in part because I didn’t respond to her yelling for me…. And partly because mommy and daddy kissed in her presence… Ok so I just asked her. It wasnt either. It’s because she asked me to help her change her clothes. I thought I did by helping get her swim suit off. But apparently she wanted more. I said its because I don’t think you need help with clothes because you are big and she said yes but I wanted you to help me! BAHAHAHA

And then the second cryer was ericka. Dad pounded on her door as a joke (and because he hates it when she shuts her door, which is always) and she got upset. He had to go to work but I talked to her and him and he remembered she didn’t like that and apologized and we talked. She said she was scared she was changing and she didn’t want to change but that she cried more now than she used to. So we talked about how this is hard. This new family and getting to know one another. I asked of she would like a hug. To which she said no. Which made me sad because I like to hug my kids to make them feel better. But I honored her choice. And left her alone for awhile. And then she felt better in a little while and came out and all was good with both.

Later we watched movies and got their school supplies all ready! They are so excited now!!!

And now SOLO FALTA UNA DIA POR LA PLAYA (only one day before the beach and



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