July 28

Ericka and I had made a deal about her not going to church and staying home and cleaning. So off me and the 4 littles went to church. I had to shop after church for our trip so I gave them the option of going to Granny’s house. 3 of them went and Angelly stayed with me. Shopping with Angelly is fun because she is such the little perfectionist that you don’t have to all the time be correcting her. So it was fun to get some alone time with her. We had lunch (subway) then shopped. Then we met granny and the others at the old fort Harrod state park where they were about to start practice for an reenactment! We high tailed it out of there but the cannons started firing as we got to the car and Anna and Angelly were both like “RUN HURRY LET’S GO” while the boys of course wanted to stay!!! So we made it home and the house was nice! Good job ericka! The little kids had reposo while ericka helped me clean the car out. After that she was tired and wanted to go to bed so she could wake up and have it be time to go to the beach! I told her she could go to bed at 7, but somehow she thought 8 so she watched the clock and when it changed to 8 she yelled its 8 and good night and jumped into bed!!!! After I got the littles in bed I finished loading and packing everything I could.

Randoms – being amazed at how natural English is becoming for Angelly!

The battle for the animals continues with Luciano crying tonight because Benny had a kitten and he didnt…

Well I’m ready for UNO and cousin time tomorrow so lets BUENAS NOCHES and get this show on the road (literally tomorrow morning!)


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