Beach trip dramas and progress

Well tensions increased everyday at the beach vacation until we finally had a major breakdown. Daily cries from Angelly over various things and a couple of small issues with Luciano. Anna continues to be a little too defiant and Benjamin is practicing for the teen years.

The major drama came on the last day from the preteen. Of course. She really hasn’t been asked to do much all week and has been participating but also enjoying the tv time (we don’t have Disney channel at home and the tv plays a lot of the shows in Spanish) so we’ve been letting her enjoy that too. But today we wanted her to go to the beach and she basically said no. We took the tv away. We took the phone/iPod away. We threatened to take the kitten away. She still laid there. And then we opened up our hearts and patience and started talking. And once we did some big things poured out. Things about her past. Things about us as a new family. An amazing apology for the way she acted. Overall a pretty amazing breakthrough for only having them for 4 months!!! I won’t share the details here but. Wow. By the end I was shaking and sweating and laughing and crying all at once. It was seriously that intense.

Tomorrow we leave and we are happy and sad. School starts Wednesday and with that will come some more dramas. Until then we are enjoying the last day on the beach and playing in the waves!



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