1st day of school

Well here’s the long version of how the first day of school went:

Up at 5:30, showered, flat iron ericka’s hair, wake up Angelly, have her shower, wake up boys, have them get dressed, feed everyone. Make 2 lunches. Bags and out the door on time. Took mandatory back to school pictures. Have everyone hugs and kisses an I love you’s and have a good days. Bus came. Off they went. Waving and mostly smiling (Angelly gave me the big lip on the way by).

Off to work for me and nap for daddy.

Got a text at one point saying Angelly was doing great but Luciano had cried a little but was now doing fine too. No word from middle school.

Left work early to go to bus stop so I could talk to them when they got home.

I waited and waited and waited. And waited and waited and waited. And started to worry and text other people in the area. Trying not to call the school. I know the first day is gonna be late but 30 min at this point! At the time I had my finger poised to call the bus garage, my phone rang and it was the school! I answer it with a pit in my stomach but it was an automated call saying the buses were running “only” 45 minutes late!!! At 60 minutes late the bus finally showed up. And it was it different bus. Apparently their bus broke down and they had to switch buses….

Also, some 3rd grader was apparently picking on our boys on the bus 😦 not cool 😦 but I guess it was handled.

Ericka said her day was good. She saw 4 kids she goes to church with and she is in home room and 2 classes with her cousin/friend. She had a problem with her locker and left her bag in there…

Luciano said his day was good but a little bad in the morning. He said he cried because he didn’t know anyone.

Ben said “fine” when asked about his day.

Angelly said good with a huge smile and a proud showing off of her papers!

Overall/short answer? A good first day of school!



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