Real teens

Well we have the real teenager tonight.

We had a little homework to study this weekend for ESL…. And I let her get away with putting it off until Sunday.

Sunday night rolls around and I make her sit down and start writing numbers and days of the week out. Pretty soon there were tears.

I was proud of myself. I was patient. I talked to her. I explained how proud we are that she did the work even though its hard and she didn’t want to do it. She refused to say one word. I waited. We went outside.

I finally gave up and decided to go mow the yard.

So she started talking.

At first it was about how school is hard. Then it was how she wants a new phone (because she has realized quickly that the one she has doesn’t hold a battery charge long and the translator doesn’t work well). So I kept trying to talk and stay calm. But every thing I offered she countered with a new request or complaint. And even what would happen if she refused to go to school.

Finally I was mad so I came inside and tried to cool off.

So then I went back out and tried to calmly say “it’s past bedtime and now we are going to bed”. She sat there.

So I talked about how it could be easy or difficult in this family. Depending on how she wants to act. I told her how we have tried to give her everything she wants: food, clothes, her own room, a cat, a phone. I told her how we were told we should be strict with her upfront or she would take advantage and how we decided to not be that strict.

Then I said if you won’t listen to me then there will be consequences. If you don’t go to school, there will be consequences. Then she said something to me with a word I didn’t know (sounds some like mientras, but not sure). I said I don’t know this word and she jumped up and came in the house and went to her room. Where she cried and screamed. While I sat in the living room and cried and told Micah what all had been said and wondered what I could have done differently.

In the end, there is sometimes nothing you can do to make them happy and that isn’t always our job as parents. I’m thankful Micah was home tonight because I sure needed his reasoning ad back up.

Lord protect us and watch over us and give us the words and reasoning and examinations we need and thank you for Your amazing grace and mercy and blessings we have received. We love You and we love these children you have placed in our care and may we grow them in Your love and mercy for all the days of their lives. Gracias Señor. Amen.

And now. BUENAS NOCHES my friends.


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