Oh no. Catch up time

Was my last post ready September 28???? Wow. Gonna need to review the calendar on this one!!! Hahahahaha

Well fall break came and went and the disrupt to our schedule really wasn’t that bad. They fell back into the routine. Also during fall break we were blessed to be able to go on a trip to Fort Wayne to spend the night and hit the zoo with our GOOD friends the Crawfords!!! It was so nice to get to visit with them again. And the kids all did great on the trip. It was a stretching moment and there were some teen moments and some jealous moment and some crying moments and some awkward moments. Haha. But overall it was a good time!!!! We got to see them another night as they were packing and getting ready to head home. Sigh. Sniffle. I miss you guys!

In the midst of October we faced the government shutdown. This actually freed up some time and led to me getting to ride some more, which led to Micah and the kids getting some one on one time. Which is always awesome! Out of the blue Ericka has bonded to him and started initiating hugs and saying “I love you” WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO

Luciano and Angelly got some dental work done which was very much needed. Angelly has to go back in December to have another baby tooth capped.

Also we got a visit from some friends in Costa Rica. They run the children’s home that our kids were at and it was fun for them to stop by and get to hear them speaking English. They did very well with this visit and it was the FIRST time we had contact with people from Costa Rica where our kids, Ericka especially, didn’t have a hard time afterwards!!!! Another big milestone. She is happy here but contact with the past brings up all kinds of loss. She gets sad and sometimes sad looks like defiance…. It’s walking a tightrope…

We had parent teacher conferences and all the teachers are happy with their work but were apologetic about the “bad grades”. We didn’t expect them to be keeping up with the work. We are just happy that Luciano is finally learning to read and Angelly is catching up to her grade level very rapidly. They have started after school tutoring twice a week and during the after school they will be working on techniques that will help them learn to learn. They just have had no idea how. And an attitude that “I don’t know and I’m never going to know” but it’s coming. I’ve slacked on ericka’s science classes bc they have really been pushing her harder at school. The ELL (English language learner) teachers are spending more time with her and her English is coming rapidly now. She is super feline grade level in math, having struggled with that subject the most in her past as well. We are looking into some options to get her additional help in math.

Halloween was kinda a weird thing for us this year. When All the decorations came out in Walmart the kids were not impressed. So we made the decision to not participate at all. Ben and Anna have never lived dressing up….. So it’s been me spending money on costumes, to force them to dress up, to go get candy that I don’t want them to have….. Seemed wrong somehow. Hahaha. But by the time the day of rolled around, they were all interested in dressing up, but it was tooooooo late. So home we stayed.

November. Wow. 7 months. We are definitely settling into our “normal” life. The kids are bonded well to each other and to us and we see a level of confidence in their place in the family. They are all getting more outgoing, which leads to more timeouts. Hahaha. No seriously. It does.

We continue to work on Luciano’s respect issues with me. He is apparently an angel in school but with him he can be either the sweetest most cuddle craving kid you’ve met or he can be defiant, angry, and disrespectful. We have buckled down and started giving him more timeouts for this. Also with all the kids we are stepping up to a new level of expected behavior.

Today is ericka’s 13th birthday party!!! I’ve made a mountain of arroz con pollo (Costa Rican rice with chicken dish) as well as drinks, chips, and refrained beans to go with it. We are gonna have music, dancing, a make up station, a hair station, and a fake mustache/tattoo station!!!! Bahahahaha a little over board maybe but…. Oh wait and a full sheet cake! I have no idea how many people are coming but I hope around 100 so I don’t have ten tons of leftovers!!!

The kids have a return of reposo today and they were NOT impressed but they are ALL sleeping. I’m gonna go snooze now for 15 then take a shower. If you’re coming to the party, see ya soon, if not….. BUENAS NOCHES!!!!!


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