Well. The kids are used to much more consistent weather in Costa Rica. All the time sunny. Or all the time rainy. With about the same temp. Ericka is like “que raro no entiendo ni papa. Hace mucho frío en la mañana, hace calor en la tarde, nieve mañana, a veces lluvia” (it’s weird. I don’t understand a thing! It’s cold in the morning, it’s warm in the afternoon, snow tomorrow, sometimes rain) oh the things we take for granted!

Also. Temperature controlled inside air….. They want to dress for the temperature inside the house and then are SHOCKED when they go outside!!!!! No matter how many times I say it’s cold out…..

Also. I have now 2 boys that HATE wearing coats…. But they are…. I have 1 little girl that loves coats and 1 that hates pants, shoes, long sleeves, and coats….. And one big girl that hates “poofy” coats…. So she wants to wear light jackets….. Ugh….


Ok. Time to get them up and tell them they get to go to school in the freezing cold and snow today!


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