9 months in

9 months in, things are starting to settle, yet at the same time new things are popping up…

After Ericka’s birthday came Anna’s, which we celebrated at home and she loved. And then Christmas planning… It was hard not to go overboard but we managed and while the day of was wild, it was awesome. Christmas break was good, and ended with another 3 days off!!!

In the past couple of months we have begun to start thinking about homeschooling Ericka. He education is on so many different levels that we feel as if she would really benefit academically and emotionally from this for a time. Plus it will reinforce the bonding, whereas that has seemed to be almost dropping off in the past few months.

Every moment is different. There have been tough times and good times and really really tough times and really really good times…. Let me try to think back on some examples:

The boys continue to want to be always together

My response of anger has lessened as we use God and the bible in our discipline as well as the suggestions from our counselor to tell the children, that yes I am feeling angry at the moment but in a little while I will be just fine and I’ll be over it. This stems from the concept that sometimes adopted children did not have someone modeling and explaining emotions when they were little and therefore they have more extreme responses to them…

The last 2 days have been really rough with Anna, but we have actually seen a huge behavior improvement in her lately… We’ve been using explanations, timeouts, redos, and consequences. This really helps in stoping bad behavior, but we have yet to see a break through in getting her to do stuff we ask her to do…

Luciano’s disrespect issues have also greatly improved and he has been so sweet (except for the past 2 days, something must be in the air). Also a huge improvement In his English occurred right before the Christmas break, he all a sudden starting talking really good English!!! Like we were shocked!!!

Ben has been struggling a little lately, we aren’t sure with what exactly, he has been on such good behavior but you can just see it in his eyes, typically male, he won’t talk about it. Haha. We’ve been paying him special attention and he enjoys it but you can just tell he’s got something big bouncing around in that thinker head of his….

Angelly has been really great, although her behavior is starting to mimic Anna’s a little too much, so we have been working to put a stop to that! She’s also been really affectionate and snuggley which is always nice. Her English is awesome and she rarely speaks in Spanish anymore, although I’ve started asking them to use their Spanish.

Ericka’s English has improved a lot but it’s still really hard for her. I’ve started speaking to her In almost all English to try to get her to a break through point. Especially if we homeschool, she has to start getting even more English at home. We’ve seen some good progress through hard times. Things that used to create huge meltdowns, we have actually walked through a few times now in calmness, which is nice.

No blog can be complete without the mention of how much our church family means to us. God has pulled us back into His house after a struggle of not wanting to put in the effort of going, and now it’s better than ever before! Renewed sense of peace and belonging! It’s A lot of work to get us all there, but worth it!

Dios es bueno y buenas noches


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