Nearly nine months ago we came home from Costa Rica ready to be home, in our house, in our bed, and start

Our new life. Our Pura Vida.

Near 10 months ago we left for Costa Rica to get our precious 3 ticos.

Today, Friday, my husband of 10 years and my friend for 17 years, got on a plane and went to Costa Rica without me

As I drove home from shopping for my friends that live in Costa Rica I cried nearly all the way home. Thinking about how in a few short hours he would be walking out the airport terminal to give our friends hugs. And that it will be warm. And I will be home with our five kids on their sixth consecutive snow day (and another 3-5 inches being predicted for Saturday)…

We’ve been through so much these past 10 months. I’ve lost a good friend on the way and I have no idea why. We’ve reconnected with old friends. We’ve made new friends.

Through it all God has held us while we laughed, cried, smiled, yelled, sobbed. When we’ve fallen and when we got back up. When we had to be the one to apologize to the kids and when we had to be the one to ask them to apologize.

My husband and best friend is on mission trip with a group of godly men. Men we call friends and brothers. Men that have been guiding us and praying for us throughout this journey. Helped us in ways they don’t even know, even if it was just to remind us we are a little crazy 😉

This week hasn’t been easy. We started homeschooling our eldest. And the Littles have been out all week for snow days. And next week while we miss daddy/husband/friend will be just as hard.

But even though it will be hard on us, I am happy that he’s going. And on a trip with godly men. I can’t wait to hear how he’s grown and changed this week. And who knows maybe he’ll decide we can go back for more kids after all……. No… that would be crazy and we’re not crazy…..


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