Homeschool. Snow days.

I stinking love having all my kids home and doing homeschool with them all…. Yes I’ve been told I’m crazy a lot these past few years…. I vote no more snow days…. I need to forget how awesome it is to sleep in, cover everything you need to in a day, have chores done, and be done and get to PLAY and RELAX with my kids who are not strung out and exhausted from a day at school, which includes 2+hours on the bus…. I love and support the public school system, and think what you want of me for that, but I could easily be talked into homeschooling my kids…. Just have to figure out who is gonna watch and teach them the 20hours, plus driving, I need to go to work…. Ok so this status just turned into a blog post…. Haha

Yes I just cut and pasted what started as a Facebook status update to my blog.

As I watch post after post pop up of people saying the school needs to cancel due to weather, I’m the only patent here saying, “Nooooo Bundle them up and go” and it’s not why most think. Most think I want a break from my kids (who were just home 2 weeks from Christmas break, followed by 2 snow dAys after the new year, followed by a 9 day stretch of no school due to snow days and a holiday and weekends….). I don’t want a break. I want this life full time people. During our time off I put all kids in homeschool and we worked our butts off and were productive. They loved it, I loved it. No one in this house wants these kids to go to school.

Except me. Confused???? Yeah me too….

See the thing is, my job is pretty nice, flexible. Awesome boss. Working part-time gets me some alone time as I drive and friends to talk to. It also keeps what is pretty good insurance for the cost, in this day and age of insurance issues, this is no small thing.

But “if God calls you to do something He will provide the means”

Yeah He will….

But just because you “want” something, doesn’t mean you are “called” to it….

Yes. If I was called God would give me the ability, patience, and money to do so. But I don’t think I’m called….

Yes. I’m called to homeschool my oldest, for a time anyway. But for others, the littles, the environment there is driving them and pushing them in ways I can’t/don’t at home….

So this is our life…. Our Pura Vida

Buenas noches


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