Homeschool: pros & cons

Another fb status update turned blog…

I was careful not to say “never” gonna homeschool. I begged God not to call me to homeschool all 5. I even wrote a pretty convincing blog about why I wasn’t called to homeschool them all.

And then I started doing it on our snow days (we are up to 13 now by the way, and working on the 2nd time we will have been out for a straight week at a time).

And. I. Loved. It.

So I’ve compiled this list from other moms about the pros and cons

-You know what they know
-You know what they need to learn
-You can tailor classes to their strengths and weaknesses
-Time with kids
-Family bonding both with siblings and parents
-Can teach Christian values
-Prepares for college bc they are ore independent learners
-More time with family
-No homework/ tired evenings/weekends
-Personal growth in Christ
-Kids growth in Christ
-Ability to be flexible
-Kids learn to tutor each other
-Time for outside activities
-Lack of bad peer pressure
-Lack of bullying
-No snow days
-can learn English in the context of Spanish, which is way more effective
-more time with kids in general
-more flexible schedules
-kids can learn about things they are interested in
-Less money in clothes
-Less money in food
-Less money in gas
-Can do activities when others are in school, making it cheaper

-Distractions of life
-Getting annoyed by kids’ attitudes
-Kids slowness/lack of motivation
-Lack of peer pressure to motivate
-Cost of supplies
-mom never gets a break
-it takes more effort to socialize


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